Committed to serving our community.

Our team of professionals is ready to serve students and their families by helping them at their point of crisis to work toward stability and success in their lives.

Leadership Staff

Shantiqua Neely, Executive Director



Kimberly Caldwell, Program Manager
kcaldwell@achildsplace.mmcltpreview.comext. 9484



Erin Morris, Program Manager
ext. 9557


Delana Murdock, Grants & Data Associate
ext. 9500




Fund Development Staff

Jen Diederich, Communications & Events Coordinator
ext. 9532



Holly Wiggins, Volunteer Coordinator
ext. 9550




Program Staff Site-Based


Courtney Harris, Student Advocate



Terese Minerick, Student Advocate




Damien Smith, Masters Level Social Worker



Kendra Pressley, Social Worker/SOC Coordinator



Ann Sherrill, Student Advocate



Veronica Vinson, Masters Level Social Worker



Tyeast Edmond, Masters Level Social Worker



Donovan Greenlee, Student Advocate



Virginia Humphreys, Masters Level Social Worker



Lauren Miller, Student Advocate


Mallory Hlebovy, Student Advocate




Program Staff Community-Based

DeAngelo Robinson




Mallory Hlebovy


Latarshia Oliver



Sarah Caldwell